Publications and Honors

"Fairness and Utilization In Allocating Resources With Uncertain Demand". Kate Donahue and Jon Kleinberg, 2019. Presented by Jon Kleinberg at Mechanism Design for Social Good, 2019.

I am extremely grateful to be supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

My undergraduate thesis received a Hoopes Prize given for “excellence in undergraduate research”. My undergraduate work in general earned the Herb Alexander Award for “outstanding undergraduate” in mathematics.

Working paper: “Evolution of Cooperation in Linked Games in Continuous Space”. Kathleen Donahue, Oliver Hauser, Christian Hilbe, Martin Nowak.

“’All Together Now’: Linking the Public Goods Game and Prisoner’s Dilemma For Robustness Against Free-Riders”. Thesis by Kathleen Donahue (2016).

“Analysis and simulation of the operation of a Kelvin probe”. Robert D. Reasenberg, Kathleen P. Donahue, James D. Phillips. Class. Quantum Grav (2013)