Publications and Honors

"Fairness and Utilization In Allocating Resources With Uncertain Demand". Kate Donahue and Jon Kleinberg, 2019. Presented by Jon Kleinberg at Mechanism Design for Social Good, 2019, presented by Kate Donahue at Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency 2020, where it won Best Paper in the CS category.

I am extremely grateful to be supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

My undergraduate thesis received a Hoopes Prize given for “excellence in undergraduate research”. My undergraduate work in general earned the Herb Alexander Award for “outstanding undergraduate” in mathematics.

Working paper: “Evolution of Cooperation in Linked Games in Continuous Space”. Kathleen Donahue, Oliver Hauser, Christian Hilbe, Martin Nowak.

“’All Together Now’: Linking the Public Goods Game and Prisoner’s Dilemma For Robustness Against Free-Riders”. Thesis by Kathleen Donahue (2016).

“Analysis and simulation of the operation of a Kelvin probe”. Robert D. Reasenberg, Kathleen P. Donahue, James D. Phillips. Class. Quantum Grav (2013)